Relay Mining: Verifiable Multi-Tenant Distributed Rate Limiting.

Phd. Thesis: Towards Reduced Dose Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Using Sparse Sampling and Machine Learning.

Improvement of gamma photon impact localization on scintillation crystals by means of Neural Networks using an impact distribution matching loss. (Accepted in CAE-EAMTA 2021)

Analysis and Forecasting of the Main Pocket Network Chains Traffic Using Statistical Tools.

synthetic CT generation using 3D CNNs and GANs for Positron Emission Tomography attenuation correction.

Improved construction of scintillation cameras using Genetic Algorithms to strategically place Photomultiplier Tubes.

Analysis of Reflex Agents Success When Navigating on Discrete Environments.

Positron Emission Tomography 3D image reconstruction using a parallelizable 2D remesh representation.

Brain tumor segmentation using coarse-to-fine 3D Convolutional Neural Networks.

Other projects (not so formal)...

Vehicle trajectory prediction, using Recursive Neural Networks for the Lyft dataset.